We look beyond tomorrow

Our approach towards the environment, our people, our partners and society is the foundation of our CSR policy.
We like to contribute to the maintenance of our planet and we take our environmental  and social responsibility very serious.

We want to maintain our beautiful planet for generations to come.
We choose our materials carefully and responsible and have implemented the standards and guidelines for ethical business behavior according to FSC. Want to read more about our Quality standards?

Happy employees take happiness home

Our people are our most important asset. When we say our people, we mean our employees, our suppliers, and their workers. The standards we have set to implement ethical trading in our business strategy focuses on all people in our supply chain.

We feel responsible for the well being of our employees. Through constant and consistent engagement initiatives we try to improve their life. 10% of our employees are people with very poor job prospects. We offer them social security and give them a chance to engage in the labor market.

In 2017 the municipality of Enschede has awarded Van de Steeg with the Werkpakt certificate. This certificate honours companies who find durable solutions for long-term job seekers by recognizing their talent and offering them new prospects. We take active part in the well being of our local community and through that feeling of responsibility we want to act like an ambassador on their behalf. For us, receiving the Werkpakt certificate shows that we, as a business, can make a difference in our local community.

We support our local community

We want to engage with our community in a focused and impactful way, maintaining our good relationship with local authorities. We work together with local Universities on bespoke projects as innovating packaging solutions and developing automated systems, as well as offering work experience placements.

By choosing our suppliers carefully and examine their employment practices, health and safety procedures and environmental policies, we make sure workers are treated fairly and ethically and a strategy to reduce environmental impact is in place. Where we can, we use suppliers in our local community. Working in partnership with local businesses, bringing together skills and recourses, we aim to build and maintain a strong and healthy community.