By working together with established brands in the Beauty & Personal Care industry, we are continuously reaching new levels with special packaging. Every season we are pushing boundaries to ensure our designs enchant and delight our clients consumers. Our experienced team has the knowledge and skills to create innovative packaging solutions from concept to end product.

Folding Boxes

Our folding boxes are available in a wide range of print finished options. Spot gloss, embossed, laminated or hot foil stamped, to name a few. Our experienced team can advise you on design options from standard cartons to complex, stand out constructions.


A sleeve can be used as a stand alone solution to dress any product. It is also frequently utilized as a secondary part to core line beauty packs.  It enables a economic and versatile way to change the presentation. Sleeves allow you to adapt and change your existing beauty product packaging as and when you desire which is ideal for seasonal promotions or special occasions.

Gift Sets

Attract and engage consumers with classical or uniquely designed Gifting solutions. We turn your selected beauty line ups into stunning ranges that subtly complement each other, while at the same time, designing every gift to purvey a special, individual message and experience.


Rigid Boxes

Our custom rigid boxes are designed to add value and create a premium packaging experience. Our creative team can advise you on a multitude of design options from one or multiple components combining styles such as base / lids or hard cover or hinged openings. The design options of these sturdy boxes are almost limitless. Luxury inserts, magnetic closures & ribbon functions are just a few of many finishing options to attract consumers and turn your beauty packaging into keepsakes.

Rigid Flat POS Giftbox

Versatility and quality are combined in the Rigid POS Gift box. Let your consumers personalize and chose their own gift line ups while still being able to present these in stunning, branded gift boxes. This type of Beauty packaging takes into consideration in store, point of sale gifting that adds something special. Easily shipped and stored its a perfect retail solution.


A rigid slipcase adds protection and value to your content. A slipcase can be used as a stand alone piece or also work in combination with other rigid parts. Enhance the appeal and functionality of the slipcase by adding a chevron or V shape edge to enable the content to be easily extracted.

Window Patched Folding Box

Intrigue consumers, revealing just a little of what your packaging contains, or give full exposure with our Window Patched Folding Boxes. By adding clear window material to our folding boxes we create packaging that allows consumers to have direct eye contact with the product(s) inside.

Window Patched Rigid Box

When consumers have full visibility of the Beauty content inside it is often key in stimulating their desire to purchase. By presenting a well designed window into a premium rigid construction considerations of both the purchaser and the end recipient of the gift can be fulfilled.