Secure gift card and voucher printing solutions

We have got the capacity to print complex variable data products, as gift cards and vouchers, in a highly secured room.

In this department, we can code products based on a readable code.
Whether it is standard coding or 1D and 2D codes as Barcodes, QR codes or Datamatrix codes, we offer a wide range of possibilities in variable code printing.

We help protect your gift cards and vouchers against unauthorized reproduction with extra security features.
All coded printing takes place in a highly secured, controlled room where our in-house developed software provides high-end security solutions to the printing and packing process.

We offer you a high level of secure printing

Code validation and encryption

Our In-house developed software validates codes whether their unique and allows us to save these codes encrypted.

Assembly validation

When the code and product meet your expectations we can scan all printed codes during assembly, as an extra validation, assuring you that all printed codes are packed. You know exactly which box contains what codes.

Only printed codes can be activated

Because it is very clear which box contains what codes, only validaded codes can be activated for use.