Do you need high quality, modern packaging as innovative as the products within? In an industry where new electronic products are launched at top speed and consumers expect more, we design and produce high quality packaging in turnaround times that meet our clients expectations.

Folding Boxes

Folding boxes are one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions with almost limitless options in printing and finishing. Our manufacturing capacity, with In-house finishing facilities, allows us to produce Folding boxes in fast turnaround times providing you with a package solution that is both simple as outstanding.

Lid and Base Box

Our Lid and Base Boxes are made from highly durable material to ensure that your products are kept safe during transport. This functional box comes with several insert options, like cardboard or EVA Foam, depending on the fragility of your product. Our experts can advise you on the many print – and finishing options to customize these packaging boxes, turning them into a practical keepsake for your Electronical product.

Rigid Boxes

Consumer Electronics need high quality packaging that promises protection and durability. Our custom rigid boxes are designed to create a premium packaging experience, as well as keeping your electronics safe and out of harms way. Our experts can advice you which design option complements your products best, whether it is a One – Two or Three piece, Book Style, collar or even a customized design, the design options of these sturdy boxes are almost limitless. Quality inserts for a perfect fit, a magnetic closure or an attractive inside print are few of many finishing options to impress consumers and assure them of the quality electronics that are in reach.

Rigid Flat POS Giftbox

Display your Electronics in high quality, sturdy and stylish packaging that keeps contents safe and is designed to set your brand apart. Efficiency and quality are combined in the Rigid Flat Giftbox. While being sturdy as collapsible, the functionality of our Rigid Flat Giftbox takes into consideration shipping and storage while still offering print – and finishing options to create a design that appeals to consumers shopping for the perfect gift!