Let your product packaging do the talking

We create packaging solutions that give your brand the key to engage consumer interaction. Our sophisticated packaging speaks to consumers senses. We inspire packaging interaction through theatre and high-performance functionality, building an experience and memory that promotes brand loyalty.

With an elegant design that captures the eye, you leave consumers no choice than to pick your product of the shelf. Our customization capabilities, give a unique feel and structure to your product packaging.

From fancy opening and closing features, folding and unfolding, ‘pop-up’ and product presentation, our team of experts have the manufacturing capacity to create ‘the wow’ in all their innovative packaging solutions.

A wide range of In-house finishing options allows us to add that extra value to your packaging. From laminating, embossing, cutting and trimming or a special UV-coating, we will make your product packaging stand out.

Folding & Gluing

With our Folding & Gluing lines we bring every packaging design together. We have the equipment to provide you with more packaging design options with faster turnaround and reduced costs.

Cutting & Creasing

Die cutting is a process used to cut paper into specific shapes using a steel cutting die. The possibilities are endless. Our operation skills assure you of precision accuracy no matter how challenging the profile.

Embossing & Debossing

On these same multifunctional B1 lines we can add depth and relief to your product packaging. Using special finishing techniques as embossing and debossing you can use the relief to create eyecatching decoration.

Our team has the experience needed for challenging techniques as these, ensuring your packaging makes a great impression.


Laminating your product packaging adds a layer of protective coating as well as attractive desgin. It gives packaging more sturdiness and protects from scratching, creasing, tearing in transport and even on the shelves.

Whether it is high gloss or silk smooth, with lamination there are various ways to enhance the design of your product packaging.


With heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film we create a prestige metal finish to your product packaging. Foil comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, from gold, copper and silver to foils with holographic effects. It is possible to overprint or emboss the foil for even greater impact!

Window Patching

Window Patching allows you to give consumers a glimpse or a lot of what the packaging contains through a clear plastic window. Our Window Patching machine can apply windows on Folding and Rigid boxes, sticking the chosen plastic film on the packaging material without drying time, this is an efficient way to add a high-end appearance to your standard packaging.