1931 Founding Van de Steeg

In 1931 Mr. H.J. Van de Steeg founded his family business, Van de Steeg BV. After the outbreak of World War 2 the Netherlands was occupied for 5 years. During this period of occupation Van de Steeg covertly produced an underground newspaper titled the “Trouw”. This newspaper published news about the course of the war which was vital for public morale.

1962 Keeping it in the family

After our dear founder passed away, Wim van de Steeg took over the family business. During this time our core business was predominantly servicing the huge Textile Industry located in the East of Holland. As the Textile industry started to decline, Wim diversified into new markets. These markets included the printing of classic board games such as Monopoly, Cluedo en Risk.

1972 Media printing is born

Under the leadership of a new CEO, in 1972, Media printing was born. Van de Steeg embarked on a partnership with record label Polydor. We commenced with brochures and displays before specialising in the core business of Vinyl sleeve packaging.

1979 Relocation

In 1979, our print was in such high demand, relocation to a larger premises was a must. Van de Steeg also took this oppurtunity to modernise, in both capabilities and process.

1990 Introduction of the Compact Disc

In 1983 the Compact Disc was introduced, which lead to a major shift in Media packaging. Van de Steeg teamed up with AGI in the US to launch the Digipak globally. It was an overwhelming succes and the Digipak served as a magnet to attract media giants such as Sony, Universal Music, Warner, EMI en BMG.

1997 Take over by Tinsley Robor

2007 Take over by MeadWestvaco

2011 Van de Steeg joins the ASG Group

In 2011 Van de Steeg became part of the ASG Group, owned by Atlas Holdings LLC. During this period we have continued to grow our capabilities, enabling us to offer a much wider range of packaging.

2012 Growing our core values

Home entertainment and Media remains integral to our business but, as Van de Steeg has historically done, we continue the transition into more active markets. Since 2012 we have taken a major step into Beauty, Fragrance,  Personal Care and  Consumer Electronics.

We continue our core values by offering creative packaging solutions from start to finish, but grow and adapt our services to match the requirements and expectations of any client, whatever the industy.