Conditions are tough, in the multimedia packaging market. Big influencers as Netflix and Spotify have made streaming films and music possible, reducing the consumers demand in physical multimedia products around the world. With our versatile attitude, we have been able to adapt to the constant changes in the world of packaging.


The Digipak® is our Registered Trademark. This high quality media packaging has space for one or several CD’-s or DVD’-s. Besides the choice in panels, there is also the possibility to add a pocket in the design, creating space for a booklet or folder. An extensive range of tray sizes make it possible to create a Digipak® in a size that suits your media best. In the changing CD and DVD market we supercharge your products with design and finishing options that add extra value.


Are you looking for media packaging to present a series of CD’-s or DVD’-s? Our patented Digistak® is the perfect solution when you want to store more than one disc in a compact and attractive way. It is hard to run out of space with the Digistak®, offering the possibility to place two or even three discs on a single tray. The positioning of the trays make it possible to browse through discs as if you are reading the pages of a book. Special finishes to enhance the artwork make your series a collectable keepsake.


With no use of plastic, the Digifile is one of our eco friendly CD packages. With a slit on the inside panel, the DigiFile shows about half of the disc when its in place. A second slit is optional, to hold a CD booklet, a card or turn the Digifile into a double album. With so many options possible, you can customize the Digifile to your needs. Our experts can advise on special finishes to create a look and feel that complements the music inside.


Our Digisleeve is an eco friendly packaging solution it doesn’t contain a plastic tray(s). It has an open tunnel pocket for the disc to slide into place, where it can not be seen between the panels. The option for a second open pocket creates the possibility to add space for a booklet, card or another disc. Need more space for artwork or text? We can produce the Digisleeve with additional panels, adding more creative possibilities in design and finishing.

LP Sleeve

Since 1972 we have been printing Vinyl packaging…and we still do! Who thought that it was (still) possible 10 years ago?
Vinyl Records remain for many people the most enjoyable way to listen to music and record sales prove that. We have the experience and capabilities to advice and create packaging as reviving as the record within. With stunning artwork and an interactive design our LP Sleeves turn your vinyl record into a collectable.


O-cards are an outer cover for single or multiple CD and DVD cases. With openings at both ends they can house one or more standard size jewel cases. An O-card or sleeve allows you to adapt your inner packaging, in Media often used to create packaging in many languages in a very economical way. Make your O-cards more durable with lamination or make the artwork stand out with Foiling. Our experts can advise you on the finishing options that are perfect for your Multimedia products.


The Digiboks®, also known as clamshell, is a rigid packaging solution that offers a wide variety of print finished options. Trays can be glued on to provide storage for CD’-s or DVD’-s, turning this rigid box into premium media packaging. With an elegant appearance, it’s durable material provides the perfect protection for your Media. The Digiboks® comes with many design options from one or multiple components to luxury inserts or magnetic closures. With design options almost limitless, we are more than happy to advise you in what suits your media best.

Rigid Slipcase

We add sturdy packaging to your media, turning into collectibles that are worth keeping. A slipcase can be used as a stand alone piece or also work in combination with other rigid parts. Enhance the appeal and functionality of the slipcase by adding a chevron or V shape edge to enable the content to be easily extracted.

Folding Box

Folding boxes are a practical and stylish way to display your Multimedia products. Our experienced team can advise you on design options from standard cartons to complex, stand out constructions.